One of my best writing pieces

The Castle Lion

Once upon a time there was a princess named Kiki and a prince named jayden. They loved each other dearly, but they were only 16 years old. Jayden and Kiki went to the Bahamas on the most beautiful plane and had a wonderful time.But until they came back something went terribly wrong.
Kiki- “ahhhhhhhhh”(obnoxious scream)
Mother-( running up the stairwell as fast as she could) “what's wrong screaming to the top of her lungs”Kiki- “the… the… CASTLE LION” ( Balling her eyes out )Mother- (her mother runs even faster nearly breaking her ankles)” i'm coming sweetie ( in the sweetest voice as possible so kiki wouldn't faint)
As soon as Kiki’s mother got to the room the castle lion was blocking the entrance. She didn’t know what to do so she called all the guards,and they helped push the door open. The castle lion didn’t budge there was only a matter of time before kiki wouldn't be alive. The guards and her mother pushed even harder the castle lion was slipping they pushed even harder they got into the room but the castle lion was on the floor crying bawling his eyes out he got mad then he pushed all the guards out of the way took the princess with him. The castle lion led traps all around the castle until he lost them. He took the princess to his lair filled with pictures and video’s of the
The prince found out what happened to the princess and he was looking everywhere for her up and down side to side island to island she was nowhere to be found but there was only one place he didn't check the only place where all the animals live, the only place where it's dark, where it's creepy. DOOMS LAGOON ISLAND. The prince tried to rush to Doom lagoon island but one person after another trying to get him to sign papers interviews photo shoots.
Jayden- STOP( In the loudest voice even africa could here him) i'm trying to find the princess i can't go through this kind of pressure.
Jayden- Mrs.Sanchez do you know the fastest way out of here ( kiki’s mother AKA the queen)
Mrs.Sanchez- yes down through the basement the door on the left.
Jayden- Thank you so much.
Mrs.Sanchez- you're welcome find my daughter.
Jayden- i will
The prince rushed out of the castle down through the basement out the side door he went to DOOM'S LAGOON ISLAND. He had to fight of animals to get to the castle lion's lair he banged on the door the castle lion didn't budge to unlock the door so the prince had to kick down the door and catch the castle lion it was to hard to catch the castle lion but they did and they brought the princess back to the castle and the prince and the princess lived happily ever after